We Are

Audio nerds, engineers, specialists for PR and marketing, DevOps, designer and supporter.

streamABC is a small group of passionate audio enthusiasts with the goal to make big and small audio events in the internet better, safer and easiert. We are convinced that a greater variety of broadcasters leads to a better experience for the consumers. Everyone of us is committed to make streamABC a representative in the world of acustics.



We Provide

Newest technologies, maximum coverage, highest added value, 99.9% availability, security and future development.
Our services include the QUANTUM CAST platform, audiostreaming, CDN operations (live/personalized/skippable) and radio streaming technology DevOps. We offer a 24/7 full service especially for radio stations and digital audio enthusiasts. streamABC is an independent technology company from Leipzig, specialized on the development, implementation and operation of audio streaming infrastructure.